Welcome – all systems are go…

We come to the end of the first full week of term.  New uniform has been creased and is perhaps a little more comfortable, the pencils carefully sharpened before September are now ever so slightly blunted and the nervousness of students (and staff) subsiding.

Lessons are now underway and it has been very reassuring to see the enthusiasm that has been displayed by staff and students alike to the seriously fun business of learning.  But there is, of course, danger in painting such a rosy picture, for some the start is easy but the challenges which follow are more difficult.  As a staff we are aware that every child at the BSP will require support appropriate to their needs and we aim to ensure that they receive what assistance is necessary.  We are keen that this year is as purposeful and productive as is possible.  If concerns are expressed at home then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are keen to help.The start of term, particularly for those who join a new school, is always seen as a difficult period; perhaps after the first full week is done we relax, if only a little, we become just a shade more confident.  Over the course of this first full week I have been deeply impressed with the way in which new members of the community have been welcomed, the speed with which students have engaged with the sports and activities programme and the many cheerful faces that I have seen around the campus.

Nicholas Hammond,