Happy New Year

The ancient Romans probably summed January up accurately in portraying it as a two faced month.  It is time for looking back and for looking forward.  A time to reflect upon what has gone well and also what requires improvement.  In looking forward it is a time of excitement, of anticipation and I hope, a period of optimism about what is going to be achieved.

The academic year in the northern hemisphere was probably formed in its current configuration to meet the needs of nineteenth century farmers rather than thinking about the educational needs of the children or indeed with any great consideration for the established calendar.  Thus it is that the rest of the world starts the year in January while we in schools are not far off being half way through the annual calendar.  None the less it is a good time to consider what has and what has and not been achieved. Mid-year resolutions are as valid as New Year resolutions so now is a good time for thinking about what is to come. It is useful read the reports that were written last year and to consider the comments that were made.  We as teachers will look for students to build on this feedback to grow intellectually and emotionally and to meet the targets that have set for themselves.  January is always a good time to start afresh and it may be an appropriate moment for parents to talk to their children about making the most of the many wonderful opportunities that are on offer here in school, both in and out of the classroom.  The most successful students are the students who engage fully with the life of the school; those who take advantage of all that is on offer.

I am looking forward to this new calendar year.  We have exciting developments ahead and there is much to be done.  Most of all I am looking forward to the smiles of satisfaction that will come when the pupils of this school achieve what they have set out to do.  I have every confidence that they will.

Happy New Year.

Nicholas Hammond