Security at School

Over the course of the last six months, the School has engaged with a significant programme of development to ensure that it is appropriately secured. Reports have been commissioned and advice has been sought from experts, notably the British Embassy, our local municipal police force, the Police Nationale and the French army.  New fences have been built, cameras installed and procedures instituted.  We have not always managed to avoid inconvenience and I thank parents and other members of the school community for their pa-tience as we have endeavoured to provide the safest campuses that we can.  This week has seen another new initiative, the appearance of two security managers. Parents on the school run will have seen our very own “Men in Black” at the gates this week and I am delighted to be able to introduce Mr Channaby and Mr Kouakou who will complete their induction week on Friday.  From Monday onwards parents and visitors to the school are likely to see either of our security managers, as they will provide us with an additional layer of security cover from school opening to closing.

Over the coming weeks we will be introducing a number of other security measures including card controlled exterior doors and a professional quality radio network. We accept that our environment in this regard is a dynamic one and that we will have to adapt our routines, practices and expectations from time to time.  We remain attentive to the context in which we live and will continue to restrict activities as a consequence of the current ongoing national state of emergency.   It should be noted that our introduction of the measures outlined is not as a consequence of any specific threat that has been made against The British School or indeed British interests in France, rather it is a prudent reaction to a changed approach to security here in France. With the arrival of the Russian national football team at the Stade, there will be an increased police presence around the local area during the rest of this term.  This is likely to include heavily armed personnel.   The car park of the Stade has been closed and as a consequence we will be reintroducing the “kiss and drop” facility at the Junior
School to ease traffic flow around the Junior School Campus.  The Vigipirate measures remain in place at the Senior School and I would ask that parents refrain from parking in front of the Senior School during the hours of 8:30-5:00. As has always been the case we are keen that our security measures do not impede our ability to deliver a first class education and to provide an appropriate academic environment.  Our aim remains firm; to develop good citizens who will go on to lead fulfilling lives.

Nicholas Hammond