Partnership with United World Schools

On Wednesday the school launched an am-bitious charity fund-raising project to “teach the unreached”.  Working in conjunction with the charity United World Schools it is our aim to work as a community to build a school in an area which has no school provision, equip it and train its teachers by Christmas 2017.

The project will require the school to raise 24,000 Euros. Once we have started to raise the required capital we will have the opportunity to select the area in which the new school will be built. At present there is an urgent need for schools in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal. One of the criteria for building a school is that a village does not have access to another school within 4 hours walk. This fact alone clearly indicates the need to provide an education to some of the most vulnerable groups in the world. There are still 27 million children in the world who do not receive formal schooling. United World Schools have built 63 schools in conjunction with partner schools from around the world. These schools educate 10,000 children who in turn are able to break out of the cycle of poverty they face and enhance their own communities. A child who benefits from a basic education will live longer, is less likely to be trafficked and has a greater range of life chances than one who does not. The Charity has a tried and tested method of supporting schools long term and they take a wholly responsible approach to the mission that they have undertaken.  All the facts and figures are on their website as well as clear evidence of the good that they are doing.

Our school community is built on concepts of service, integrity and endeavour.  In a world which sometime seems to focus on the self rather than others we have the opportunity to do something radical and transforming.  We can, if we work together, assist in the development of another group of people and their future. Whilst education is at the heart of this project there are numerous other important benefits that our fund-raising will support. The project includes bringing drinking water and sanitation to the wider village populace. Fresh clean water, together with hygiene education cuts infant mortality by 50%. If we are able to take a One School approach to this challenging project we too will reap the benefits of working
with common purpose towards a worthwhile goal. It is hugely encouraging that the British School of Paris Society has agreed to put its fund-raising expertise behind this project. The School is creating a committee of students, staff, alumni and parents to support this project.  If you are interested in being part of this then please contact the Headmaster at:

When communities work together they have the ability to do remarkable things.  We are most definitely capable of achieving the remarkable.

Nicholas Hammond


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