Ongoing Improvements to the School Campuses

Just before Christmas we received the excellent news that the building permit that we had submitted in the summer for the Redgrave building refurbishment had been approved.  As a result we will be able to commence the refurbishment this summer.  The extensive refurbishment will mean that the hall will become a genuinely multi-purpose space, a full suite of changing rooms will be built as well as a dedicated space for our weights machines created.  A lighting box and retractable tiered seating will mean that our concerts and performances will be that little bit more professional and air conditioning will guarantee a comfortable environment for those taking exams. Significant improvements will also be made to the structure between the hall and the refectory which will give us much needed circulation space more lavatories, and a little more space.  The dining hall itself will also be enlarged.  Work will commence this summer and the entire development will be complete in September 2018.

In addition, work has begun on the Junior School campus to install an air conditioning system. This improvement is due to be operational in May, just in time for a glorious summer!

Nicholas Hammond


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