Yesterday in the Junior School concert, Mr Lockwood challenged us the audience to think about the colours of music.  Not something that I had done before, but what a place to start.  The Junior School Summer concert was a riot of colour, texture, sound and joy.   We had recorders playing sea shanties and violinists performing Bach.  The jazz band did Herbie Hancock proud whilst the guitar ensemble strummed splendidly.   The Junior School choir tugged at the emotions of the audience with excellent solo performances.  I never knew that violinists could dance or that flutes were quite that funky!  As you will see from the accompanying pictures it was an uplifting experience and one that you can join in by following the livestream links on Frog.

One of the most exciting elements of any school performance is seeing the relationship between teachers and their pupils, something that we talked about in the Senior School last week.  This relationship is at the heart of a positive educational experience.  Learning through playing in public is something that I can’t commend enough and our music programmes build confidence through performance.  We learn an enormous amount by sharing our playing with one another and lessons learnt on stage can help us later in life.  

And for those in the audience it is an utter delight.  

Thank you to our musicians and to their teachers.

Nicholas Hammond

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