“Expecting is the greatest impediment to living. In anticipation of tomorrow, it loses today.”

This week it has been about snow, next week in the Senior School it will probably be about assessment grades and the week after that is likely to be about the Junior School Christmas concert.  Schools are always places of anticipation.  Be it the twelve month long anticipation of a Year 6 looking at the move to senior school or the Year 13 awaiting a university offer there is always something to anticipate.  Be it a short term count down to the end of the year or longer term “I’m thinking about the next stage of my life”, a school’s momentum is at least to some extent generated by looking forward.  What we will do next lesson sometimes seems to be more important than what we are actually doing now.  
As of Monday morning there will be 13 school days until the end of term.  I hope that all students take time to enjoy what will occur in the moment over the coming weeks rather than solely looking ahead.  Grades will be given and we are wise to reflect upon academic progress that has been made.  There will be concerts, talent shows, parties and Christmas lunches.  There will be both learning and fun; they should be savoured.  For some these are the last few days before they move on to another part of the globe for their education, perhaps they more than anyone should take time to enjoy the special atmosphere of our school by the Seine.  I hope that they leave with an understanding of what they have been part of – a community of young people who will use their talent in the future to make their communities better places.  
Tomorrow sees one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the festive calendar, the BSPS Christmas Fair.  Once again the BSPS Committee have surpassed themselves in organising a fair which will provide great enjoyment for our community, I do hope that you will come to the Junior School on Saturday to kick off our Christmas season in style.
Nicholas Hammond

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