What do you want for Christmas?

A Nintendo Switch, according to my Year 9 history class.  A bagful of books according to me.

I’m sure that there are plenty of other objects of desire being requested at this time of year, such consideration of the age old question “what do I want” leads me to think about what we as a school have received this year and what we might wish for next.  Excellence with compassion, intelligence with integrity and mindful discovery all seem to be things worth cherishing this Christmas and beyond.  We have seen many good things happen this year, some have made the headlines in the newsletter and many have gone unheralded; small quiet moments of success, acts of service and periods of deep thought.  As we come to the end of this most busy and fruitful term I hope that everyone in the school community can reflect upon their achievements and will take the coming holiday as a chance to recharge and refocus on priorities for the New Year.  We are wise to heed the words of Winston Churchill that “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but reflecting.”

For some this is their last week as a pupil at the BSP.  We wish them well as they move to new schools, countries and continents.  I hope that they take with them the values that this school holds and they use all that they have learned here to make a positive impact in their new communities.  

Whilst we are not quite at the end of term it only seems right and proper to wish you all a most splendid Christmas and New Year, may they both be filled with joy.


Nicholas Hammond


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