Throughout human history…

“Throughout human history, in any great endeavour requiring the common effort of many nations … we have learned – it is only through seriousness of purpose and persistence that we ultimately carry the day. We might liken it to riding a bicycle. You stay upright and move forward so long as you keep up the momentum.”

– Ban Ki-Moon

What distance actually represents “a long way” probably depends on the mode of transport that a person choses to take. By just about any measure 550km is a long way and by bicycle it can only be seen as a serious undertaking. This lunchtime the school community joined in waving off four intrepid staff members who are riding their bicycles from Croissy to London (and back) in 50 hours. The time limit is self-imposed – as far as I am concerned as long as they are ready to teach on Tuesday they can take as long as they like! Our quartet are raising funds for our partner school in Cambodia to ensure that the school has sufficient funds to provide further training for the teachers and for much needed equipment. If you would like to support Messrs Ball, Bates, Lockwood and Manville on their noble endeavour then stop reading and follow this link to donate To those who generously provided cake for the break time cake sales many thanks. So far the total is over 1200 euros and we are still counting…

Endeavour takes many forms and it is a value that we as a school prize. This week I had the distinct pleasure of watching the construction of a Sopwith Camel biplane by the Senior School Lego Club. What impressed me most was the way that the team applied themselves with quiet determination to complete what was a challenging project. They considered each other’s views and worked to a common goal. Their hard work has resulted in a model that speaks to us about the sacrifice made by so many. I am sure that it will be appreciated by those who will see it when it is displayed at the British Ambassador’s Residence in commemoration of the centenary of the RAF next week. Whilst mentioning the First World War it would be remiss of me not to mention the superb achievement of Georgie Green whose moving poem was the overall winner of the Never Such Innocence Competition for her age group. Her thoughtful work touched the judges as much as it did us and was a worthy winner. She will be collecting her award in London next week and we look forward to hearing about the ceremony which will take place just down the road from Buckingham Palace.

Endeavour is a value that at times can be seen as being a little old fashioned. It is not a word that is often heard in everyday conversation but here at the BSP it is often seen, appreciated and celebrated be it evident in poetry, Lego or by getting on your bike and pedalling a very long way indeed. So if you are thinking about donating don’t delay!
Enjoy the long weekend.

Nicholas Hammond

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