Welcome to the new school year

If you are new to our community or if you are a returner I hope that you are looking forward to the new school year as much as I am. There is much in store to be excited by. Not everyone looks forward to the start of term. In Evelyn Waugh’s “Brideshead Revisited” the narrator Charles Ryder talks about the start of the Oxford term in melancholic tones, but that term started in rain, a sodden British October, and we start in September sunshine. There can be few places as glorious as the Seine Valley, at this time of year. I hope that pupils are inspired by their surroundings.

Reception are on their way…

During the summer we were able to celebrate some excellent examination results. Our oldest pupils taking A levels achieved a stunning set of results with more than 34% of results at the highest levels while Year 11s also demonstrated their academic prowess recording a 9-5 pass rate of 84%. I’m sure that those facing public exams next summer will be inspired by this performance and will seek still greater success in twelve months’ time. I know that staff will be supporting them closely at this most important time in their school career. The same is true of those who join us at “the other end of the school” as this week was, for some, the very first step on the educational ladder. I’m sure all in our community join with me in wishing our Nursery and Reception classes well as they take the first steps in their school journey.

From the youngest members of our community to the oldest our aim as a school is very simple – we are here to see all children realise their potential and exceed their own expectations. Schools are straightforward and uncomplicated places. They exist for the education of young people. Things become complex when the systems take over so at the start of term it is perhaps good to remind ourselves of what is at the core of school life. All young people at the BSP should be able to learn effectively and they should find both joy and satisfaction in their achievements. If there are barriers to this achievement then we as a staff should be looking to assist them to overcome these obstacles. In that endeavour we are helped by parents and guardians. Sometimes we refer to outside experts. We will report, feedback and where necessary meet with you. Please let us know if there are any concerns that you have at this point in the year and we can start to address them.

There has been a good deal written in the UK over the past 10 days about inclusivity and tolerance (or a lack of it). Here at the BSP we have an open and welcoming community. This I believe is to be celebrated and we will do just that with the BSPS Fair on Saturday 21 September. I do hope you will come along. Have a wonderful school year.

Nicholas Hammond