“April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded…”

“April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four.”

Mark Twain “Puddin’ Head Wilson and Other Stories”

There is an art to a really effective practical joke. I’d thought it was something of a lost art, a tradition that had gently slipped away. As it happens the obituary for this rather innocent form of fun is rather premature and it turns out present at the BSP. Perhaps the most effective school based practical jokes are those that are subtle, those that catch the eye of the hapless Headmaster just enough to persuade him to take the bait, the hook, the line and the sinker. I was well and truly caught yesterday lunchtime by a Year 11 pupil who had decided to enjoy a bottle of beer with his hot dog and chips. Of course, there was nothing more than water in the bottle, he’d planned his stunt carefully and yes, I fell for it entirely – much to the good-natured amusement of all who were in the refectory. I am sure there were many other celebrations of the Poisson d’avril tradition and I’m sure that they were well received.

I believe a school that is able to laugh together is a school that works more effectively than one in which laughter is not heard. Some well-placed humour can make a lesson move along at a new pace, it can be welcoming for new pupils and it is often the thing that is remembered long after a pupil has left the school. Sometimes, of course, the joke is not appreciated, or it is ill considered, and it does not help in the building of a healthy community spirit. It is perhaps days like the 1st April that give our pupils the chance to find out what makes a joke funny not just for them but for everyone. If each pupil gains an understanding of the fine line between funny and upsetting, then we will have given them a useful skill indeed.

Good humour will undoubtedly be required in the coming weeks. Remote schooling is no joke, but those who are able to meet the challenge with a regular smile will flourish. It is likely that there will be moments of frustration (my link is down and you are on mute spring to mind) and if that is the case then the support functions of the school, our pastoral team is ready to help.

The educational writer Dave Keeling has studied humour in schools, and should you be feeling that you might be in need of a laugh or perhaps more importantly to understand why you need to have a laugh or smile even when we aren’t in school – follow this link: https://consiliumeducation.com/itm/2020/04/27/laughter/

and if that was not enough my latest favourite subject based jokes (well three of them):

Why can’t you trust an atom? They make up everything.
‘What’s the difference between a joist and a girder? Joyce wrote “Ulysses” and Goethe wrote “Faust”
Who invented fractions? Henry the Eighth.

Nicholas Hammond