“If you can get young people to succeed in any area of activity, that sensation of success will spread over into a lot of others.” Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 1921-2021

HRH Prince Philip,
Duke of Edinburgh

During the course of the day, we learned the sad news regarding the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh.  Over the course of his public life the Duke committed to a life in which service was the primary focus.  During the coronation ceremony in 1953 he promised to support the Queen in her leadership of both the Nation and the Commonwealth and this he did for the rest of his life.  In this endeavour he remained steadfast and unwavering.  Whilst not everyone agreed with everything that he said, or is reported to have said, it is undoubtedly the case that many have benefited from what may be his greatest legacy, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.  His vision and drive in this regard have been of inestimable value for young people all over the world who have had this life enhancing experience.  He was a little blunter about the benefits of the award scheme describing it as a “do it yourself kit in the art of civilised living”.  We are proud to offer the International Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at The British School of Paris.

A little-known element of Prince Philip’s life is that he spent some time being educated in St. Cloud not so very far away from us here in Croissy.  A child who boasted a heritage that was Greek, Danish, and Russian he was for many the epitome of an Englishman.  If we are to remember his contribution to the wider community, we are perhaps correct to recognise his unswerving commitment to service, be that to the World Wildlife Fund, Action on Hearing Loss, the National Playing Fields Movement or The Queen.  A child influenced by a worldwide community, who showed initiative, drive and who grew up to dedicate his life to service he perhaps provides a suitable model for our own pupils as they seek to discover the path they will take in life.

Our thoughts are with The Queen and the Royal Family at this time as they mourn the loss of a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.

Nicholas Hammond