“The future rewards those who press on.” – Barack Obama

Whilst plenty of staff have been in school over the past few weeks it only ever seems like school is really school again when we hear the voices of pupils on our campuses. So, the end of this week has made this place seem that bit more normal as the sound of excited voices has been heard once more. We are looking forward to working with the pupils this year to ensure that they realise their potential both in and out of the classroom.

There is a palpable sense of excitement about the rentrée this year. Whilst that may well be the case every year, this year may well be a little more exciting than normal. As well as getting back to the classroom we anticipate recommencing with activities that have been on hold for the last year. Despite the masks, year group bubbles, gel, and temperature checks we will move forward with positivity (and lots of handwashing). We will be encouraging pupils to challenge themselves and to make sure that they develop their whole selves thus following our school motto: strength in mind and body.

There might be a danger in looking too far into the future (a lesson from last year) but I think that we can all look forward to our welcome event for families which is scheduled for Saturday 11th September. I do hope that you can make it, it has always been a great gathering and a wonderful opportunity to see the BSP community in action. The pizza on offer will be pretty special too. (See page 2)

This academic year has every possibility of being both a fabulous and a stimulating year for our pupils and their development. They will need to grasp opportunity when it comes, and we will be supporting them every step of the way. Now is the time for everyone to look forward to what promises to be a great academic year.

Nicholas Hammond