“Success usually comes…”

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

Henry David Thoreau

Whilst we are still in the midst of a busy term it is worth noting that we have a mere three weeks left before we break for the holiday. Before then there is much to be done and considerable amounts of fun to be had. This week was a busy one, the next should be even busier.

Over the course of this week we’ve had our termly visit from the governors, their first in person meeting at the school since COVID took hold, we’ve run assemblies, had sports fixtures (well done Year 6 on a notable victory), lessons have been running at full pelt, we are rehearsing for end of term shows, there are talent show acts to be prepared and in the Senior School preparation for international day commenced. As if the weekdays weren’t busy enough, we have a large group of student supporters assisting the Red Cross with the preparation of food parcels tomorrow. As ever it is heartening to see our pupils giving of their time in support of others.

Congratulations are due to our Sixth Form Scholar group; the governors were delighted to be able to present certificates to Year 12 pupils for their performance in the summer GCSE exams. They can feel proud of all that they have achieved and indeed of the start they have made to studies this year.

This week also saw the issuing of a new set of rules to follow regarding instances of COVID infection. Overall, I think that the new rules simplify what seems to be an ever-changing situation and I hope that the consequence will be a lessening of the impact of class closures. It probably goes without saying, but I make no apologies for writing once again, that we stay at our safest when we are taking the mundane precautions of washing hands, wearing masks, and using anti-bacterial gel. Distancing and being outdoors are also a great help. How good it would be to make it to the end of term without asking more pupils to isolate.

We continue to try to carry on with business as usual, but as our visiting lecturer mountaineer Jerry Gore explained even the best laid plans can go awry and so having a plan B is always a good idea. Jerry also stressed the importance of picking your companions carefully, be it climbing K2 or negotiating the sometimes uphill struggle of daily life. Looking around the school I am impressed with the support that is given peer-to-peer and as the end of term creeps closer and with it levels of tiredness grow, we all need to remind ourselves that good friends show patience with each other.

The coming fifteen days promise much to enjoy. I hope that you have left a space in your diary for the coming Christmas Fair, it promises to be a magical occasion. Have a most restful weekend.

Nicholas Hammond