“To expect the unexpected…”

“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.”

Oscar Wilde

This term we haven’t quite seen it all but there have been a few moments of unanticipated excitement. On a Friday a few weeks ago a digger driver on a building site in Nanterre severed our internet cable and cut off our access. It was all back by Monday, and it was good to know that the whole of Croissy was not denied access for the entire weekend. If you ever want to see a look of genuine panic on the face of teenagers just tell them that it looks like they won’t have access to the internet for a weekend – truth be told many were quick to let me know that they had already considered contingency arrangements but there was a flash of panic. At the start of the half term holiday a tree on the riverbank entered the school site (entry was unplanned) and it made a mess of the fence, once again all was put right soon enough. Some of you may have spotted the small tree stumps around the Christmas tree on Saturday at the Fair – we’ve benefitted from the tree’s misfortune! We’ve had just about every type of weather (often in the same day) throughout this half term. It is also worth remembering that this is a term that started bathed in sunshine and finishes rather soggy with rain. We’ve welcomed new pupils and bid farewell in equal measure and as we draw to the end of another eventful term, we will say good luck to pupils who depart for the next part of their educational journey.

So, whilst there are new and different challenges there is also much that remains the same. This is perhaps a mark of our school values. Events occur but the spirit that underpins the school remains the same. On Wednesday night a group of senior pupils played for the residents of a local care home, others have supported the special school in St. Germain, not for any credit or praise but because they know it is the right thing to do. Kindness in this challenging time has been evident and with another magnificent collection of Love in a Box we can be certain that this kindness extends far beyond our school gates. The BSPS took the bold decision to relocate the Christmas Fair – it was the first time outside and what a triumph it was. Out thanks to Mrs. Matthews and her excellent team who made a much-needed social event happen. Along the way they also raised a staggering amount for our partner schools in Cambodia.

Pupils are seeing the benefit of their hard work in ever rising assessment grades and our most senior pupils are being recognised with university offers from around the world as well as the UK and France. Whilst all around may have been uncertain, and we’ve faced our fair share of random unexpected challenges as a school, the pupils have carried on with their all-important task of learning.

Normality tends to be seen as being a little bit dull. This term normality has been welcome. We’ve run clubs after school and benefitted from trips. As we draw to an end of this marathon term it is good to recognise that it has been both fulfilling and enriching. Congratulations are due to the pupils for all of their efforts both in and out of the classroom. Thanks are due to colleagues for their dedication and unwavering support of those in their care, and also thanks to parents, your support of the school is greatly appreciated.

The coming weeks will give the opportunity to refresh and recharge. A New Year awaits and whilst there will be challenges, we have in all that has been achieved this term the right to feel confident that we are more than ready to meet what 2022 may bring.

Nicholas Hammond