“…more than a place in space, it is a drama in time.” – Sir Patrick Geddes

It is always good to see our pupils take to the stage. There can be few things that provide a greater challenge for any young person than performing in front of their peers and others, notably parents. This week our Year 13 drama students performed for us (and the examination board). Using little by way of scenery or props they demonstrated the power of movement and words expressing powerful themes as well as an obscure reference to an orange bear. The performances were engaging and convincing. I’m sure that they will be rewarded with a great set of marks as this show counts towards their A level exam. We were fortunate to share in the experience.

School life is, at least to some extent, a series of performances. Teachers provide a series of mini shows lesson by lesson, whilst many pupils adopt a range of characters as they make their way through the school day. There are performances in front of friends and there are many dramas that are played out day by day. Schools also have their costumes and their props. We all have our respective roles and when we don’t play them according to the script things tend to go wrong.

Without overplaying this comparison it is perhaps worth stating that all pupils have the opportunity to write their own script and to be the author of their future. We are entering the final act of this term; we have only 20 teaching days until the holiday and there is an enormous amount to enjoy before then. For some there will be anxiety about forthcoming mock exams, the good news is that there is time to prepare for mocks, time to gain support and time to do the necessary work. For others, thoughts will be turning to the Christmas Concerts, Talent Shows and International Day. This is the start of a special time of the year. A few will be looking to the end of the term knowing it is time to move on to a new school and a different stage. We believe that they will leave with skills and knowledge that they did not have before and a group of friends with whom they will maintain contact.

This weekend is another one filled with opportunity. Our senior school sports players play a block fixture at the ASP, our charity shop will open tomorrow morning and quietly and perhaps unheralded there will be academic work completed. A group of intrepid Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award candidates will be orienteering on Saturday morning. Good luck and “good success” to all who represent the school in whichever field.

This week has also seen a most successful anti-bullying week campaign and it was indeed heartening to see plenty of odd socks being worn on Monday morning in support of this excellent initiative. Later on in the week the Senior School witnessed not only a heather formed moustache (Movember)but a collection of lavatories for our toilet twinning initiatives. It is inspiring to see our young people supporting these worthy causes. If you want to support the toilet twinning initiative, please feel free to spend more than a penny – 60 Euros will support a toilet in the developing world. I think our cake sale has raised enough to provide others with facilities where once there were none.

I hope that you have a good weekend.

Mr Nicholas Hammond