“Talking about music…”

“Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”

Steve Martin

This is normally a time when we look back on the year, back on the term, it is usually a time to reflect on and bask in what has been achieved. That is all well and good, but the end of term also gives a chance to look at what we have done for the first time, all that has been different and to evaluate innovations. I’ve been guilty of writing about how everything is back to normal now. What I haven’t really considered are some of the things that we’ve done for the first time.

This week we’ve done many of the things we might normally have done, there has been a splendid Year 6 party, I was pleased to see the Nursery Class doing some paleontology in the Debussy building and Year 11 will enjoy their end of year ball this evening. These are the usual markers that the end of term is fast approaching. An innovation was the recent Fête de la Musique. How marvellous it was to see so many pupils involved in performance and appreciation. Such talent and such courage. It is an act of bravery to stand up in front of your peers and perform. To slip into cliché, it is character building stuff. I happened to be showing a visitor around the school during the fête and he was simply astounded at both the talent and enjoyment on show. The Junior School enjoyed a fantastic concert with almost all involved in performing as an end of term celebration. Another joyful, confidence building occasion.

Music is an integral part of our life in school. It is in the curriculum; it is a key element of the co-curricular programme, and it will enhance both the Junior School and Senior School Prize Givings next week. Please do come along and enjoy what promise to be fantastic occasions. Our end of year celebrations are joyful affairs and a celebration of all that has been achieved.

Over the course of the coming summer holiday, I hope that some of our young people will take inspiration from those with whom they share classrooms. How good would it be for more pupils to decide to learn an instrument, to join a choir or engage in the life affirming activity of making music? We have a superbly talented group of peripatetic music teachers who can offer lessons, we have inspiring curricular classes to join and there is even a parents’ choir if you are wondering how you can get involved. There isn’t a great deal of time left in this term but there is just enough to consider taking up an instrument next year or finally signing up for a choir (even if it is just to find out if you like it). If nothing else, I would encourage you to come along to a Prize Giving and hear our marvellous musicians in action.

Nicholas Hammond